When It's So Simple, It's Hard

Sales Problems

Usually it is the simple that eludes us.

If you want to have lots of money, you save it instead of spending it.

If you want to be healthy, you eat right and exercise.

If you want a clean car or house, you don’t make a mess and still clean often.

If you want to be on time, you leave early enough that you can’t be late.

It’s so simple, yet so many things interfere with our ability to act simply.

One simple concept that eludes most sales people and sales managers is how to fix sales problems.  It is easy to see what is wrong with something, but hard to see why things went wrong.

Why did the prospect not buy despite it being a logical no-brainer?

Why did the prospect not buy due to price, despite having lots of money to pay it?

Why did the prospect decide to stick with who they are working with, even though that company is causing most of their problems?

Why did the prospect buy from the sales person who has a reputation for being a jerk, but gave you feedback that you are one of the nicest sales people they have ever encountered?

Why did these all go wrong? 

Because you did exactly the opposite of what you are supposed to do.  That’s right, the polar opposite.

If you do something and you get the exact opposite result that you are looking for, why wouldn’t you fix it by doing the opposite thing?  That makes sense, right?  Simple.

The problem is that the reason you behaved a certain way is because it made sense to you.  Doing the opposite doesn’t make sense—which is exactly why you didn’t do it.

If you or your people are not getting results, consider doing the opposite of what you are doing now. 

Sometimes, it is that simple.


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